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[edit] Google Glass

Google Glass And CURL

Some sample CURL code to post time line cards using curl.

[edit] Private Projects

Ready By Dawn

A small software consulting group consisting of myself and a few amazing Software Engineers and IT Professionals.

iSCSI Micro Target

A light weight iSCSI server designed for use in small memory footprint devices such as the NSLUG2 USB file server.

[edit] Open Source Projects:

Live GamerTag Status

A quick and dirty python script to generate a Gamertag image with current xbox live status. Designed to be run from a crontab file to keep the image up to date with live status changes.

Stockoid Plasmoid

Plasmoid for KDE 4.1+ that will display Stock information on your KDE 4.1 desktop.

MediaWiki NoCache Extension

An extension to MediaWiki that forces MediaWiki to regenerate the page contents instead of taking it from the internal page cache.

WebPidgin Plugin

A Pidgin ( AKA Gaim ) plugin that allows access to your Pidgin instance, conversations and buddy lists through a web interface. This new version is designed for Pidgin 2.x. Older Gaim version resides here

WebGaim Plugin

A Webgaim plugin that allows access to your Gaim instance, conversations and buddy lists through a web interface. This version supports Gaim 1.5-2.0beta. Gaim has been renamed to Pidgin as of the final 2.0 release. Use the WebPidgin Plugin for Pidgin 2.0+.

Linksys Router Daemon

A standalone monitor that listens for snmp traps/messages from a linksys router and reports them to syslog. Great for recording copies of your linksys firewall log.

Stats Multicaster

A multicast client and server for linux performance statistics. The server reports "vmstat" stats over a multicast socket to anyone listening for them.

Xchat Plugins

Random xchat plugins to do various things. ( Display system stats, quake3/doom3 servers, etc )

[edit] Linux Kernel Projects and Patches:

Linux Usermode Driver Library

A shim driver and library to allow usermode hardware access, including irq, port mapping and dma to isa and pci devices. It can be used inplace of "windriver" on any linux platform. This driver is designed for embeded application use, as it allows FULL hardware access from usermode applications.

Linux Disk Failure Simulation Driver

Linux 2.4.x driver that allows you to create a virtual disk device layered ontop of an existing block device for the lone purpose of injecting various types of IO errors. Usefull for testing other drivers, filesystems and applications ability to handle disk IO errors. This driver was used during the testing of the Raid1 Read Recovery patch.

Raid1 Read Recovery Patch

Patch for the Linux 2.4.x Raid 1 driver that allows it to recover a read to one of the mirrors that encountered a Disk read error. It is meant to address the issue of sporatic bad sectors by forcing the read from the mirror drive and then overwriting the bad sector on the errored drive.

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