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Some KDE tips that I've picked up over time.

  • Enabling Self Signed Certificates
  • Fixing a messed up KDE desktop
  • GNU Cash and the Composite Extension


[edit] Enabling Self Signed Certificates in KDE

  • This will resolve "Self Signed Certificate" errors in Konqueror and Kmail
  1. Login to the server that is causing the bad cert message
  2. click details
  3. click cert information
  4. click export cert and export it as a PEM
  5. now quit the application
  6. sudo to root
  7. run kcontrol
  8. go to security,crypto
  9. select SSL Signers
  10. import the cert you previously created.
  11. done

[edit] Cleaning Up a Messed up KDE

Sometimes KDE will appear to freak out. The menu editor will stop working, items will disappear from the menus, applications mysteriously stop working, etc. Very often the quick fix is to delete the KDE cache files in /tmp/kdecache-<username> or in /var/tmp/kdecache-<username> and restarting KDE.

[edit] Adept Database Locked

Sometimes the Adept can crash leaving the database locked. This will result in a message telling you that another process is already using the database. To fix this, first make sure all instances of adept are killed then run
sudo dpkg --configure -a

[edit] GNUCASH and the composite extension

The composite extension in the xorg.conf file often screws up GNUcash. ( Seg-fault at start )
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