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linksysd is a userspace daemon that is designed to run alongside syslogd to capture traps issued by a linksys router and pipe them to the syslog facility. It accomplishes this by listening to UDP port 162 for SNMP traps. When a trap is received the message is decoded and logged to syslog.


[edit] Supported Hardware:

linksysd is known to work with the following linksys routers:

BEFSX41 ( 4 port Cable DSL Firewall Router ) 

I will add more routers as people report success with them. So if you found the software working with a router not listed above e-mail me at

[edit] Output:

Jan 16 23:29:58 hydra linksysd: [] @in UDP from to 

The IP address inside the [] bracket set is the IP that originated the snmp trap. Imediatly following is the log message. In this case it shows an incoming UDP packet from IP address on port 27960 ( Quake 3 ) to an internal address of ( The router is portforwarding port 27960 into the internal address range )

[edit] Installation:

  1. Download the tar ball and untar it. ( tar -vxf linksysd-x.x.tar )
  2. Change to the directory and type in "make"
  3. Once linksysd is built you can run it from the command line just like a standard linux binary. linksysd will backgroud itself and start relaying messages from your router to syslog as it receives then.
  4. Now that you have linksysd running you have to go to your linksys routers configuration and in the log section enter the ip address of the machine running linksysd. This will cause your linksys router to send it's log events to linksysd as they occur.

For my own use I have moved the linksysd binary to /sbin/ and added /sbin/linksysd to my /etc/init.d/syslog service start script. This ensures that linksysd starts and restarts everytime syslog does.

[edit] Download:

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