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[edit] Background

Over the past 8 years I have been involved in the storage space, concentrating on a variety of NAS and iSCSI clustering technologies. The last 5 years of which was heavily Linux oriented and included a significant amount of user mode and kernel development.

[edit] Skills

  • OS Platforms: DOS, Windows, Linux ( Intel, and Embedded Broadcom ) , Some FreeBSD.
  • Programming: C/C++, x86 ASM, Perl, Java, Bash, VB, PHP, HTML.
  • Driver Development: DOS, WDM, Linux Kernel Drivers ( 2.4.x & 2.6.x ).
  • Tools: rcs, cvs, subversion, MS SourceSafe, GNU tool chain and MS Visual Studio, wiki, tcpdump/ethereal, various online and offline debuggers.
  • Protocols: TCP/IP, iSCSI, SCSI, ATA, SATA, ISA/PCI/PCIe Hardware buses, and associated analysis tools. ( FC/SATA Bus Analyzers, etc. ).

[edit] Employment History

Sr. Member of Technical Staff / IP Storage Group

VMWare ( Broomfield / CO )
5/2007 - Current


  • Development of the iSCSI Initiator on VMWare ESX platform.

Sr. Software Eng / Storage Controller

Dothill Corporation ( Longmont, CO )
7/2006 - 5/2007


  • Responsible for maintaining and extending the Cache management component of DotHill's storage controller product.
  • Performance analysis and improvements.
  • Added Intercontroller PCIe Link recovery functionality to seamlessly re-mirror the active cache regions and continue after a hard PCIE link failure
  • Designed and Developed WEB based test automation tool. This tool allows developers to queue up firmware and test combinations onto rack of systems.

Co-Founder / Platform Architect

LeftHand Networks ( Boulder, CO )
2000 - 6/2006


  • Acted as the architect of LeftHand Networks Platform engineering group responsible for the development of the current generation of LeftHand's clustered iSCSI products.
  • Lead Architect and developer of ports of LeftHand software to OEM platforms.
  • Co-Inventor of LeftHand's iSCSI clustering and virtualization software for MS Windows ( Patents Pending ).
  • Designed and implemented a proof of concept iSCSI to LeftHand SanIQ clustering storage bridge which has since been productized.
  • Developed a Linux based disk fault simulation driver for use in testing LeftHand's SAN software.
  • Designed and authored LeftHand Networks clustered storage driver for Windows and Linux.
  • Co-Inventor of US Patent #6,839,706 ( Ethernet Based Block Storage )
  • Co-Inventor of US Patent #7,529,816 ( Clustered iSCSI multi-pathing)
  • Developed Linux ATA Hot-Swap Kernel Drivers for use in LeftHand Software.
  • Developed the initial UI for LeftHand's NAS products.
  • Assembled and Maintained Lefthand unique Linux distribution which serves as the base of the SanIQ/iSCSI product line.

Software Development Engineer II

Maxtor Corporation ( Longmont, CO )


  • Responsible for the design and implementation of various of factory automation and test equipment software for Maxtor's ATA Hard Drive products. Including: Leak, Particle, Spin Motor Run-out, Gram/Head Load, Laser Arm Height ,and Z-Height testers. Much of this software is still in use on Maxtor production lines.
  • Designed and implemented SCSI Disk Drive test software for both the Linux and Windows NT platforms. Work included low level SCSI drivers for in house built SCSI controllers, user space test automation, and UI.
  • Windows and Linux Kernel driver development for Maxtor's MIT ( Mechanical Interface Test ) software.
  • Designed and developed cross-operating ( Dos, Windows, and Linux ) software for Maxtor's HDSTR ( High Density Self Test Rack ). This was the first piece of test software that was deployed on Linux in Maxtor's history. Most new Maxtor test equipment software is now developed to run in Linux environments.
  • Designed and implemented Hard Disk acoustic analysis software for a low cost acoustic chamber using off the shelf sound cards ( Sound Blaster Audigy ). The end product was accurate to +/-.25 dB.
  • Developed and supported software for various Maxtor Hardware R&D projects

Technical Coordinator

AppliedTheory Communications ( Liverpool, NY )
( Part-Time 1995-1996; Full Time 1996-1998 )


  • Automated OS, application loading and configuration software for new Staff PCs.
  • Implementation and testing of VideoIP System at
  • Developed a company wide Java based Time Tracking system based on an Oracle database backend.
  • Installation and maintenance of corporate network including Solaris 2.x, Linux, Windows NT, BSD/OS, and Novel NetWare servers.
  • Supported staff computing questions and problems.

Faculty Technical Support Staff (Part-Time)

Syracuse University, FCMS ( Syracuse, NY )
( Part-Time 1993-1995 )


  • Developed and taught computer classes to University faculty in Word, Excel and Internet.
  • Developed Automated software install and network configuration system for FCMS loaner teaching equipment.
  • Supported Syracuse University Faculty and Staff with computing problems
  • Managed Faculty Computer Purchase Program

Lab Technician (Part-Time)

Syracuse University, Physics ( Syracuse, NY )
( Part-Time 1991-1992 )


  • Developed Data acquisition software for Texas Instruments DAQ boards used in high energy physics experiments. ( C/C++ )
  • Developed GPIB based HP Digital Scope PC interface and data analysis software. (VisualBasic, C )

[edit] Education:

  • BA Computer Science, Syracuse University ( 1993-1998 )
  • References Available Upon Request
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