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[edit] Stockoid Plasmoid

This KDE 4.1 Plasmoid lets you display the current stock values on your desktop. (KDE 4.1 is Required)

The stock ticker symbols to use can be looked up through

Composite indexes typically start with ^ (IE: ^DJI, ^IXIC ) I've only tested with DJ & NASDAQ listings but it should work with anything that yahoo supports.

The data source is polled every 60 seconds. This can be changed in the source if needed, though I would not recommend less than 30 seconds as it can take yahoo a bit of time to spit out the data at peek hours.

This Plasmoid was written to learn a bit about the Plasmoid API and to scratch my own itch since I did not find any existing Stock related plasmoids.

[edit] Download

Source Code:

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